Tetris Cube

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This week, I constructed a Tetris cube, consisting of 7 shapes from 120 pieces of 6in by 6in origami paper. Here is a sequence of photos showing the cube itself, all 6 faces rotated. Then, there are photos of each individual piece. This makes a nice puzzle, and improves focus in both folding it, making the pieces fit into a cube, and putting it together again. You might notice some pieces of tape still in certain places. Once the paper is trained to stay in place, the pieces of tape will be removed. Original instructions can be found here. There are different ways to construct the components of this Tetris cube. This is the one I tried first.

photo-2 photo-3 photo-4 photo-5 photophoto-6

6 faces of the cube


Taking apart the cube


7 individual pieces


Cranes After the Rains; Sending Peace Cranes to the Philippines in the Wake of Typhoon Haiyan

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Cranes After the Rains

Support our friends in the Philippines!

Typhoon Haiyan has swept away entire villages in the Philippines and otherwise worked vast devastation there. As assistance pours in from world economic powers, we are backing the idea of Hendrix Martin “Marty” Almoite “The Origami Boy” to send over some peace cranes as a symbol of both support and hope. Marty leads one of our very active chapters in the Philippines, in and around Makati City. Consider placing your name and location somewhere on your crane, and send us a quick photo to post! Please mail yours, to:

Hendrix Martin “Marty the Origami Boy” Almoite
Operation: “Cranes after the Rains”
Origami Salami Mu and Folding for Good 12
Little Treasures Academy
53-E A. Mabini St. West Rembo, Makati City 1215

Stay tuned for more information on and http://www.Facebook/OrigamiSalami1.

For more news about Typhoon Haiyan, go to HLN

Thank you for Folding for Good!

Library Displays Raise Awareness of the Science of Folding

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Zachary Ligh, President, Origami Salami Eta and Folding for Good 7, and his display at the Sugar Land Library showcasing his traditional origami and Yodas, Darth Papers, and Han Foldos! What a great way to celebrate World Origami Days!

Nathan Boerner, President, Origami Salami Beta Chapter, Cincinnati, publishes original origami design, “Jumpy Squirrel”

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Here is a guest post from Nathan Boerner, President, Origami Salami Beta & Folding for Good 2, Cincinnati, OH. Nathan has taken top honors in the annual Origami by Children competition sponsored by Origami USA for seven consecutive years. Lately, Nathan has begun diagramming his original models, and has already published one of them. Thank you for contributing to our blogspot Nathan.

I’ve been folding cranes and butterflies to donate to my church youth group. The kids are putting on a craft sale to raise money for World Vision. I made cranes in rainbow colors to string into crane towers, and folded LaFosse’s origami butterflies.

Lately, I’ve been taking my original models and diagramming them on Excel. I’ve finished my Jumpy Squirrel model and am working on my Alpaca model. The Origami USA website has an online store called the Source. It circulates books, CDs, DVDs, paper and other supplies, and diagrams, one of which is mine.

My Jumpy Squirrel model won a place in a Origami by Children contest, and will be traveling to libraries and schools in the USA.

We’re Live!

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We're Live!

Snap a photo of your beautiful peace cranes and email to for immediate posting.

Also, please mail your origami peace cranes for the school children of Sandy Hook Elementary to:
Origami Salami
P.O. Box 1324
Wexford, PA
USA 15090-1324

If you want, handwrite your name, and your hometown
somewhere on your cranes.