Peace Cranes

Origami Peace Cranes for Franklin Regional High School

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By Calista Frederick-Jaskiewicz, Origami Salami and Folding for Good

10260011_795246393820863_8948436339295086195_nYesterday, just before the bell sounded for first class at Franklin Regional High School in Western Pennsylvania, a sophomore student went on a “slashing spree,” stabbing 21 fellow students and a security guard before being subdued. At least one student is reported in critical condition, and others have undergone surgeries.

Like other instances of random, senseless violence unleashed on unsuspecting students embarking on an ordinary day in school buildings, I am not at all sure that full explanations or true motives will ever be completely understood. I do know that, in the aftermath, a lot of healing needs to happen. We can help  by creating a tangible token of group concern.

We are folding origami peace cranes for the Franklin Regional FR graphic2High School Community. Our goal is to collect 1,000. Please feel free to write any message or wish on your crane. I’ll keep a list of everyone who participates, so be sure to identify yourself in any way that seems comfortable—full name, initials, age, hometown….whatever seems right to you. If you do not wish to identify yourself, that’s OK too.

Mailing, especially international mail, can become quite expensive. I suggest mailing the cranes folded flat then placed in an envelope. I can fluff them up and string them. If you want to string your own, the strand can still mail flat if you make a circle with it. If mailing is just too costly, then email a photo and I will post it to a photo gallery.

We Fold for Good all the time.

We teach STEM through origami, then we do good in the community with it. Today, the Franklin Regional High School community could use a little support. Even if you have folded hundreds of paper cranes, consider doing a few more. And if you have never folded one, this is a great time to learn.

Join us.

Campaign Ended.

Thanks everyone!

Final Count: 3,707 Cranes

Contact me directly at

Peace Crane within a Heart, by H. Vass Ildiko

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Hungarian origamist H Vass Ildiko has designed and donated this origami, a heart bearing a single peace crane, for Operation Sandy Hook: Peace .This model extends wishes of love and peace, and especially to the Sandy Hook community and to all affected by the events which transpired there on December 14, 2012. In 2006, H. Vass Ildiko designed another very special emblem within a heart—for the Origami USA Annual Convention at which she taught!


It’s Fun to Fold for Good!

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Roy, 10 years old, with the awesome peace cranes he folded for Operation Sandy Hook: Peace. I count eight of them! Thank-you.

In this effort to extend a heartfelt wish for peace to our friends at Sandy Hook, I wonder how many origami peace cranes we will really wind up collecting? I’ll keep you posted here, and on our website and Facebook page.

World Folds for Good; Crane Count Shoots Upward

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The world is responding to our invitation to fold origami peace cranes for those affected by the December 14, 2012 murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, Connecticut. Here is a crane count update!

To keep up with the progress of this global initiative, visit our website and Facebook photo archive and crane count update note.

Extraordinary Teacher from Galway Ireland Offers Help, Folds for Good

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These 26 peace cranes were folded by a very special elementary teacher and origamist in Galway, Ireland!
Thank-you Mr. Thomas Cuffe. And an extra thank you for your comments and encouragement:) Teachers are awesome:)

Origami Peace Cranes Proclaim, “Our Prayers Are with You All!”

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This group of origami peace cranes was made with love by a group of four children in Climax Springs, Missouri, USA. Thank-You Clara and Abby P., and Gracie and Mike D.! Their enclosed note reads, “Our prayers are with you all!”

For an extensive photo archive of Operation Sandy Hook: Peace, visit our website and Facebook page.