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Ben’s Origami Interview

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Here is a guest post from Ben Labuzzetta, who leads Origami Salami Wisconsin, Coulée Region. Ben has devised projects which engage others to Fold for Good, but he also enjoys a particular interest in the mathematical implications of origami. He discusses the development of those interests in question/answer format in his entry below.
Thanks Ben!

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3,700 Paper Cranes Set for Delivery to Franklin Regional High School on Wednesday, June 4, 2014

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Folding for Good for Franklin Regional*: Keep on going, people care!

photo-8On Wednesday, June 4, 2012, I will present Franklin Regional High School Principal Ronald Suvak and his staff with around 3,700 strung paper cranes in support of the school community which was rocked on April 9 when a sophomore student went on a “stabbing and slashing spree” injuring 20 students and a security guard.

Folding for Good for Franklin Regional is our initiative to join with other paper folders to create 1,000 paper cranes for Franklin Regional. Japanese tradition suggests that the folding of 1,000 origami cranes grants the recipient a wish. Folding for Good for Franklin Regional netted 3,700 origami cranes from folders in Ireland, Germany, and eight of the United States—more than triple what we had hoped for.

On April 11, in launching this initiative, I wrote, “Like other instances of random, senseless violence unleashed on unsuspecting students embarking on an ordinary day in school buildings, I am not at all sure that full explanations or true motives will ever be completely understood. I do know that, in the aftermath, a lot of healing needs to happen. We can help by creating a tangible token of group concern. We are folding origami peace cranes for the Franklin Regional High School Community.”

Thanks to everyone who supported this initiative. Each crane was donated and the folders themselves footed the cost of postage to Pittsburgh. Student organizers put up tables in school cafeterias, libraries, GATE classrooms, and Girl Scout meetings. Other students hosted “fold-ins” at their homes. The Pitt Origami Club folded cranes at their last meeting of Spring term during finals week. photo-9Individuals created original centerpieces and Franklin Regional Panther logo cranes. One complete, matched senbazuru strung with faith, hope and love beads was created by a single person.

Around 2,100 of the cranes came in “loose.” I ironed, fluffed, sorted and strung all; some are grouped into themes of sorts: there’s a “doodle strand,” strands in Franklin Regional school colors, matching pair strands of big and little cranes, the message strand, floral strands, and plenty of colorful rainbow strands. I ordered some custom stickers for the tails of the many completed strands.

Some people wrote wishes on the wings of their cranes. Here are a few sentiments from student folders:

  • Stay Strong;
  • Remember, for every one thing bad, 2 good things will come;
  • Talking with quiet confidence beats screaming with insecurity;
  • Have faith, things will get better;
  • It’s not what we are that makes the world, it’s what we aren’t;
  • The love in the world is always more powerful than the hate;
  • Be the change you want to see in the world; and
  • Keep on going, people care.

I also kept a scrapbook of every note sent in along with a list of everyone who participated for our friends at FR. See,

Each faculty member will receive a specially strung crane or crane pair with a note explaining this initiative, and there will be around 22 extras in case those who were injured would like one.

And so will end the eventful school year at Franklin Regional Senior High School.

Thank you all. We have done something good.


photo-6*Folding for Good for Franklin Regional is coordinated by Calista Frederick-Jaskiewicz, Founder & CEO ofOrigami Salami and Folding for Good, which currently comprises 16 chapters on four continents. Origami Salami is a student movement mobilizing people as advocates for STEAM studies through the fun of origami; Folding for Good is an initiative to engineer creative ways to Do Good with it.

Kusudama Sandy Hook, an original origami design, created by Gabor Eszaki for Operation Sandy Hook: Peace

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This is a new Kusudama design, “Kusudama Sandy Hook,” featuring peace cranes. I am looking forward to finding the folding instructions for this wonderful tribute to the Sandy Hook community!
Design by: Gabor Eszaki
Magyar Origami Kör – Hungarian Origami Society

Peace Crane within a Heart, by H. Vass Ildiko

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Hungarian origamist H Vass Ildiko has designed and donated this origami, a heart bearing a single peace crane, for Operation Sandy Hook: Peace .This model extends wishes of love and peace, and especially to the Sandy Hook community and to all affected by the events which transpired there on December 14, 2012. In 2006, H. Vass Ildiko designed another very special emblem within a heart—for the Origami USA Annual Convention at which she taught!


It’s Fun to Fold for Good!

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Roy, 10 years old, with the awesome peace cranes he folded for Operation Sandy Hook: Peace. I count eight of them! Thank-you.

In this effort to extend a heartfelt wish for peace to our friends at Sandy Hook, I wonder how many origami peace cranes we will really wind up collecting? I’ll keep you posted here, and on our website and Facebook page.

World Folds for Good; Crane Count Shoots Upward

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The world is responding to our invitation to fold origami peace cranes for those affected by the December 14, 2012 murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, Connecticut. Here is a crane count update!

To keep up with the progress of this global initiative, visit our website and Facebook photo archive and crane count update note.

New Folding for Good Initiative, “Operation Sandy Hook: Peace”

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Invitation to the folders of the world:

Please help fold peace cranes
On December 14, 2013, in Newtown, Connecticut, USA, a gunman entered Sandy Hook Elementary School and murdered 20 school children and 6 adult teachers and staff.

The ten chapters of Origami Salami invite the folders of the world to join us in folding peace cranes to send to the Sandy Hook Elementary School, the families of the victims of this tragedy, and the community of Newton, Connecticut, USA. If you want, handwrite your name, and your hometown somewhere on your cranes and mail in to us:

Origami Salami
P.O. Box 1324
Wexford, PA
USA 15090-1324

We will be folding well into January 2013, when school children are back to class, so that there is enough time for teachers to fold with their classes and for international folders’ mail to reach Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

We will post a crane count and list of those persons, organizations, and websites who are contributing and supporting Operation Sandy Hook: Peace to You.

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Thank you.