Ben’s Origami Interview

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Here is a guest post from Ben Labuzzetta, who leads Origami Salami Wisconsin, Coulée Region. Ben has devised projects which engage others to Fold for Good, but he also enjoys a particular interest in the mathematical implications of origami. He discusses the development of those interests in question/answer format in his entry below.
Thanks Ben!

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Library Displays Raise Awareness of the Science of Folding

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Zachary Ligh, President, Origami Salami Eta and Folding for Good 7, and his display at the Sugar Land Library showcasing his traditional origami and Yodas, Darth Papers, and Han Foldos! What a great way to celebrate World Origami Days!

Owen Byrne joins Calista Frederick-Jaskiewicz to Fold for Good with Visitors at the Carnegie Science Center

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On October 5, 2013, I welcomed Owen Byrne to the Carnegie Science Center, to fold with visitors from noon-2 pm in the Overlook Room. Byrne, who is the President of Origami Salami Iota in Ridgewood, New York, staged several events involving hundreds of students in support of our Folding for Good initiative, “Operation Sandy Hook: Peace,” through which we have collected over 10,000 origami peace cranes from participants in 13 countries in support of the Sandy Hook Elementary community, Newtown, CT.

CSC Overlook 10.5.13On December 14, 2012, a gunman entered Sandy Hook Elementary School and murdered 20 students  and six teachers and staff.

Byrne folded 1,001 peace cranes himself, which I layer strung with members of the University of Pittsburgh Origami Club. Byrne calls his contribution, “Owen’s Army,” and included just one extra peace crane which is different from all the others. Owen says that the one plaid crane, amid 1,000 floral cranes, is the “captain crane!”

Thanks to Owen and to his family for making the trip to Carnegie Science Center to see our exhibit, “Folding for Good.” Our 5,050 strung origami crane cascades are on display through November 3, 2013, in the OMNIMAX atrium windows, and can be viewed without paying an admission fee. Or just look over at the Science Center from across the street at Heinz Field; you can see it from there.

Also see press coverage in Owen’s hometown: Times Newsweekly, serving Queens and Brooklyn.

Nathan Boerner, President, Origami Salami Beta Chapter, Cincinnati, publishes original origami design, “Jumpy Squirrel”

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Here is a guest post from Nathan Boerner, President, Origami Salami Beta & Folding for Good 2, Cincinnati, OH. Nathan has taken top honors in the annual Origami by Children competition sponsored by Origami USA for seven consecutive years. Lately, Nathan has begun diagramming his original models, and has already published one of them. Thank you for contributing to our blogspot Nathan.

I’ve been folding cranes and butterflies to donate to my church youth group. The kids are putting on a craft sale to raise money for World Vision. I made cranes in rainbow colors to string into crane towers, and folded LaFosse’s origami butterflies.

Lately, I’ve been taking my original models and diagramming them on Excel. I’ve finished my Jumpy Squirrel model and am working on my Alpaca model. The Origami USA website has an online store called the Source. It circulates books, CDs, DVDs, paper and other supplies, and diagrams, one of which is mine.

My Jumpy Squirrel model won a place in a Origami by Children contest, and will be traveling to libraries and schools in the USA.

Kusudama Sandy Hook, an original origami design, created by Gabor Eszaki for Operation Sandy Hook: Peace

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This is a new Kusudama design, “Kusudama Sandy Hook,” featuring peace cranes. I am looking forward to finding the folding instructions for this wonderful tribute to the Sandy Hook community!
Design by: Gabor Eszaki
Magyar Origami Kör – Hungarian Origami Society

It’s Fun to Fold for Good!

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Roy, 10 years old, with the awesome peace cranes he folded for Operation Sandy Hook: Peace. I count eight of them! Thank-you.

In this effort to extend a heartfelt wish for peace to our friends at Sandy Hook, I wonder how many origami peace cranes we will really wind up collecting? I’ll keep you posted here, and on our website and Facebook page.


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The K-6 students of Creek Elementary in Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA, folded these 120 cranes for Operation Sandy Hook: Peace. As I was figuring how to best photograph all of them, which were neatly sorted by color, counted by 10’s, and rubber-banded, I came up with “Cranebow.” I hope you like that, everyone at Creek Elementary!