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The K-6 students of Creek Elementary in Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA, folded these 120 cranes for Operation Sandy Hook: Peace. As I was figuring how to best photograph all of them, which were neatly sorted by color, counted by 10’s, and rubber-banded, I came up with “Cranebow.” I hope you like that, everyone at Creek Elementary!


Origami for Africa Folds for Good for Operation Sandy Hook

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Look at this!! 634 sorted and strung peace cranes from Origami For Africa are on the way. YAY!
Special thanks to Kyoko Kymura and all the folders who contributed, including Simoa Kefira Nangle, Eriel Huang, Marion Stevens, Taiji Morgan, Marlene Winberg, Robyn Davis, Iole De Stefano, Damian Michael Holt, Roshina Ratnam, Nicole LeRoux, Delphine Silberbauer, Jaqueline Dommisse and Nonhlanhla Jali.

World Folds for Good; Crane Count Shoots Upward

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The world is responding to our invitation to fold origami peace cranes for those affected by the December 14, 2012 murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, Connecticut. Here is a crane count update!

To keep up with the progress of this global initiative, visit our website and Facebook photo archive and crane count update note.

Extraordinary Teacher from Galway Ireland Offers Help, Folds for Good

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These 26 peace cranes were folded by a very special elementary teacher and origamist in Galway, Ireland!
Thank-you Mr. Thomas Cuffe. And an extra thank you for your comments and encouragement:) Teachers are awesome:)

Origami Peace Cranes Proclaim, “Our Prayers Are with You All!”

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This group of origami peace cranes was made with love by a group of four children in Climax Springs, Missouri, USA. Thank-You Clara and Abby P., and Gracie and Mike D.! Their enclosed note reads, “Our prayers are with you all!”

For an extensive photo archive of Operation Sandy Hook: Peace, visit our website and Facebook page.

New Folding for Good Initiative, “Operation Sandy Hook: Peace”

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Invitation to the folders of the world:

Please help fold peace cranes
On December 14, 2013, in Newtown, Connecticut, USA, a gunman entered Sandy Hook Elementary School and murdered 20 school children and 6 adult teachers and staff.

The ten chapters of Origami Salami invite the folders of the world to join us in folding peace cranes to send to the Sandy Hook Elementary School, the families of the victims of this tragedy, and the community of Newton, Connecticut, USA. If you want, handwrite your name, and your hometown somewhere on your cranes and mail in to us:

Origami Salami
P.O. Box 1324
Wexford, PA
USA 15090-1324

We will be folding well into January 2013, when school children are back to class, so that there is enough time for teachers to fold with their classes and for international folders’ mail to reach Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

We will post a crane count and list of those persons, organizations, and websites who are contributing and supporting Operation Sandy Hook: Peace to You.

See also,

Please re-post.

Thank you.

We’re Live!

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We're Live!

Snap a photo of your beautiful peace cranes and email to for immediate posting.

Also, please mail your origami peace cranes for the school children of Sandy Hook Elementary to:
Origami Salami
P.O. Box 1324
Wexford, PA
USA 15090-1324

If you want, handwrite your name, and your hometown
somewhere on your cranes.