Origami Salami/Folding for Good Founder Selected for Prestigious Jefferson Award For Public Service

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Origami Salami Founder and CEO Calista Frederick-Jaskiewicz received the prestigious Jefferson Award for Public Service at a gala reception and awards ceremony at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh last week.

Jefferson Awards May 2015

The Post-Gazette announced, “In 2009, Calista Frederick-Jaskiewicz created Origami Salami, an organization that links similarities between origami and STEM (Science Technology Mathematics) while creating community based initiatives that coincide with the creation of art and science….Events are happening all over the world in libraries, schools, and clubs where students are creating original designs and donating their origami designs for good.”

According to Ms. Frederick-Jaskiewicz, the overriding goals of Origami Salami and Folding for Good are to increase the number of STEM pipeline students by raising awareness of STEM applications achievable through the simple “hobby” of folding origami, and then to improve the world through Folding for Good initiatives supporting various good causes. “The practice of origami improves spatial skill which is widely regarded as a predictor of ability in STEM. It also improves memory, focus, and small motor skill.” says Frederick-Jaskiewicz.

Jefferson Awards 2015 2

The Jefferson Awards Foundation is “the longest standing and most prestigious organization dedicated to activating and celebrating public service” in the United States. The Pittsburgh celebration was sponsored by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, and BNY Mellon.


Library Displays Raise Awareness of the Science of Folding

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Zachary Ligh, President, Origami Salami Eta and Folding for Good 7, and his display at the Sugar Land Library showcasing his traditional origami and Yodas, Darth Papers, and Han Foldos! What a great way to celebrate World Origami Days!

Calista Frederick-Jaskiewicz Folds For Good; Teams Up With Carnegie Science Center on KDKA-TV, Pittsburgh Today Live!

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Dennis Bateman of the Carnegie Science Center and I dropped by Pittsburgh Today Live! to talk about my ongoing Folding for Good Exhibit at the Science Center. Host Kristine Sorensen immediately made us feel welcome for our nine on-air minutes!

Video here: Folding For Good Teams Up With Carnegie Science Center.

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5,050 of the 10, 000 origami peace cranes collected from people in 13 countries  through our initiative Operation Sandy Hook: Peace are on display at the Science Center in the three story windows of the Omnimax lobby area from October 3 through November 3, 2013. You can see them from Heinz Field across the street!

Five of the Omnimax windows are full with crane senbazuru, cascades, and strung strands. The cascades and senbazuru (1,000 strung cranes) are from Origami for Africa, Cape Town, South Africa; Japan; Kimi Ego and Family, CA; Owen Byrne, President, Folding for Good 9, Ridgewood, NY and a large cascade representing hundreds of individuals from around the world who contributed cranes—special mention to Sydney Perrine, President, Folding for Good 10, Melbourne, FL, for creating the oversized dangling crane on this one!


Most of the single strands represent efforts of the numerous folders who participated, but two of them were folded in their entirety by Nathan Boerner, President, Folding for Good 2, Cincinnati, OH, and Seb Tabares, President, Folding for Good 5, Denver, CO.

Most of the cranes in the exhibit were sent in loose, so we enthusiastically set about stringing them here in Pittsburgh! Thank you Origami Club of the University of Pittsburgh for helping out.


There is also a museum display case containing  several of the origami projects sent in from around the world, including the original Kusudama Sandy Hook, created by Hungarian origamist Gabor Eszaki, Budapest, for Operation Sandy Hook; a stemmed chrysanthemum comprised of small cranes created by Magdolna Moholy, Hungary; a “crane chain” by Arwin Gensemer, President, Folding for Good 8, New South Wales, Australia; peace crane made with melted crayons and wax, created by E.J. DeGuzeman, President, Folding for Good 11, Kissimmee, FL; World of Peace, created by Dubrecen Origami Club, Hungary; colorful cranes  created by Mrs, Charron’s Sixth Grade Class, Southampton, NY; a silver box of 26 mini cranes folded by Elizabeth Seay, NY; Renzuru, folded by Sylvia Niedler, Columbus, OH; and cranes with handwritten wishes by the 3rd-6th Class Students at Claregalway Educate Together National School, Claregalway, Ireland.


Also a special thank you to those who are coming out to teach the peace crane to Science Center visitors on scheduled Saturdays, including the Japan-America Society of Pennsylvania; the Origami Club of Pittsburgh; the Origami Club of the University of Pittsburgh; Western Pennsylvania Mensa; Owen Byrne, Folding for Good 9; Erica Manypenny and her team from PA Cyber; and Alex N., Wexford. It’s nice to Fold for Good with friends!


Come out and fold with us! Our goal is to fold an additional 1,000 cranes at the Carnegie Science Center

We are mentioned in the Entertainment News of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review

See, Carnegie Science Center Press Release

Peace Crane within a Heart, by H. Vass Ildiko

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Hungarian origamist H Vass Ildiko has designed and donated this origami, a heart bearing a single peace crane, for Operation Sandy Hook: Peace .This model extends wishes of love and peace, and especially to the Sandy Hook community and to all affected by the events which transpired there on December 14, 2012. In 2006, H. Vass Ildiko designed another very special emblem within a heart—for the Origami USA Annual Convention at which she taught!



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The K-6 students of Creek Elementary in Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA, folded these 120 cranes for Operation Sandy Hook: Peace. As I was figuring how to best photograph all of them, which were neatly sorted by color, counted by 10’s, and rubber-banded, I came up with “Cranebow.” I hope you like that, everyone at Creek Elementary!

Origami for Africa Folds for Good for Operation Sandy Hook

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Look at this!! 634 sorted and strung peace cranes from Origami For Africa are on the way. YAY!
Special thanks to Kyoko Kymura and all the folders who contributed, including Simoa Kefira Nangle, Eriel Huang, Marion Stevens, Taiji Morgan, Marlene Winberg, Robyn Davis, Iole De Stefano, Damian Michael Holt, Roshina Ratnam, Nicole LeRoux, Delphine Silberbauer, Jaqueline Dommisse and Nonhlanhla Jali.

World Folds for Good; Crane Count Shoots Upward

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The world is responding to our invitation to fold origami peace cranes for those affected by the December 14, 2012 murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, Connecticut. Here is a crane count update!

To keep up with the progress of this global initiative, visit our website and Facebook photo archive and crane count update note.